A2Zero Strategy Plan


After the city declared a climate emergency they began the A2Zero initiative to determine how to meet net zero emissions by 2030. The main major structural changes that need to happen, as laid out in the A2Zero Carbon Neutrality Plan are:

  • Power the electrical grid with 100% renewable energy

  • Reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled by 50%

  • Enhancing neighborhood resilience 

These items, including a just transition to renewable energy, form the backbone of Evan's environmental policies.

Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled by 50%


A major component of reducing the vehicle miles traveled is providing housing to working class people who are employed in Ann Arbor, but cannot afford to live within the city. 

Additionally traveling without using a personal car or tuck should be made much easier. Evan advocates for making AATA buses more frequent and free to all. More protected bike lanes should be added along main routes. Congested streets, especially those near the University of Michigan campus, should be converted to walking and biking only.

Neighborhood Resilience


Even with the most optimistic estimates climate change will continue to negatively impact our community for the rest of our lifetimes. That is why Evan is calling for increased community resilience program such as grants to organizations that provide food and shelter in times of crisis as well as a fund to purchase property if climate change makes areas of the city unliveable.

Transition to 100% Renewable Energy


Currently DTE Energy has a monopoly on the electricity in the city of Ann Arbor. Energy production should be democratized. That is why Evan supports both the state level push for community choice aggregation as well as the initiative to create a publicly owned energy grid in the city. 

In the 2020 election cycle DTE Energy has already donated $64,500 to Michigan political campaigns. Evan is willing to stand up to big money interests and not take fossil fuel contributions in order to save our planet for future generations.