"Ann Arbor has been my home for over 10 years, and in that time I have witnessed major changes. Working class people are no longer able to afford to live in the city where they are employed. The price of housing has dramatically increased even while a record number of new units are being built. The effects of climate change have personally impacted my neighborhood by causing annual floods that previously came once in a decade. If we hope to not only survive, but to improve Ann Arbor we need bold and decisive action that derives its power from a multi-racial, multi-generational working class movement." -Evan Redmond


Ann Arbor is under a climate emergency declaration. The A2Zero plan has laid out key strategies that are needed in order to both reach the city's goals by 2030 and to avoid climate catastrophe. 

The most important and most challenging of these goals will be transitioning the city to 100% renewable energy. Currently DTE supplies all of the energy to the city and their climate change plans are incompatible with staving off global disaster. Therefore Evan's top priority is standing up to the corporate interests of DTE and transitioning Ann Arbor to 100% renewable energy as rapidly as possible.

For more information about Evan's environmental plan head over the the Environmental Policy page.

Police Oversight


Recent events have brought to light the lack of oversight both Ann Arbor City Council and the Independent Community Police Oversight Commission (ICPOC) have on the Ann Arbor Police Department. When the newly appointed police chief was placed on administrative leave the afore mentioned bodies had no information about the matter for more than a week. 

Additionally, the creation of the ICPOC lead to the budget expansion and addition of more AA PD officers. This expanded the police budget to even more that the already allocated $29.6 million dollars.

Evan will fight to empower the ICPOC to oversee the Ann Arbor Police department. Additionally he will seek to spend parts of the nearly $30 million budget on community improvement projects like city run snow removal and harm reduction programs such as increased funding for social workers.

Other Policies


  • The green belt could, in addition to being a preserve, could be turned into a food forest. This would provide a stable and alternative source of food while also serving to educate the public on sustainable farming practices. All of these changes could be cost neutral.

  • As the current Supreme Court prepares to potentially overturn the Roe v. Wade decision new ways to protect women's rights must be implemented. Evan proposes making Ann Arbor an abortion sanctuary city.

  • The problems of Ann Arbor are the problems of Ypsilanti and vice versa. If elected Evan would establish joint working groups between both governments to combat the housing and climate crises in a coordinated manor. 

  • Gelman Sciences Corp. (now a subsidiary of Fisher Scientific) has polluted the drinking water supply of Ann Arbor. Evan supports petitioning the federal government to establish the area as a superfund site, but that process could take decades. The cleanup of this contamination must start now.



Housing is a human right.


Despite a massive increase in supply the average monthly rent and home prices in Ann Arbor have continued to rise. This has had the unfortunate effect of both failing to lower costs and galvanizing sectors of the population against the concept of density.

In order to lower the market costs and stem the negative effects of gentrification felt by working class people in Ann Arbor Evan is proposing a massive expansion of city owned public housing.

For more information about Evan's housing plan head over to the Housing Policy page.



Ann Arbor has substantial transportation infrastructure, but there is much room for improvement. Evan will fight for working class people in the area to increase AATA bus frequency and make rides free to all; not just those associated with the university system. 

Reducing the number of vehicle miles traveled is critical in fighting climate change so Evan is proposing making Ann Arbor the most walkable and bike-able city, not only in the state, but the entire midwest. This can be accomplished by adding far more protected bike lanes (especially along major routes such as Washtenaw and Packard) and designating claustrophobic streets as biking and walking only. 



While state law prohibits municipalities from setting their own wage laws, Evan supports a $15 an hour minimum wage. If elected he will propose an agenda item to raise the minimum wage of all hourly Ann Arbor city workers to at least $15.

Unions are key in making business decisions and policies that affect the working people of our community. That is why Evan will listen to the concerns of local unions and seek to help them grow their influence and memberships.

Additionally coops have played an important historical role in the city of Ann Arbor and as part of the international labor movement. That is why Evan is proposing the creation of a Coop Committee. Starting a business is complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and funding that is not available to everyone. The purpose of the Coop Committee would be to assist groups of workers in forming and running their own businesses where the benefits of their labor can be shared.